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~ Drew Barrymore

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Products I Regret Buying #1

Hey everybody! Have you ever bought a product that you just didn't like? Or maybe you were even extremely disappointed in it? Yeah, well today, that's me! There haven't been a lot of products that I have just absolutely HATED so far, until now! I am really disappointed in Cover Girl. Their Tru Blend Foundation has some really big downfalls...

When I saw this at Target I was like...Oh. It has a pump!! I have been looking for a good foundation with a pump, and since I really like Cover Girl's "Clean" Liquid Foundation, I decided to give this one a try. But trust me guys, the packaging means nothing if the foundation is unusable.


~ Hardly any coverage! Must build up a lot!
 ~ Bumps and redness still shows through
 ~ I wore this for only 2 days and it made me have a MAJOR
    breakout! My poor cheeks are covered in blemishes. Not    
    normal for me at all.
 ~ $3.00 more than my Cover Girl "Clean" Foundation that
     actually works for me and DOESN'T break me out!!!
As you can see, I am NOT happy with this product. I hate wasting money on things, and this is a huge loss for me. That is why I decided to share this with you guys. This foundation may work for you, because we are all different, but if you are fair skinned like me, I wouldn't buy it. Save your money and your skin! :)

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