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~ Drew Barrymore

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Maybelline Hit and Miss Product

Hey everybody, I hope you're having a great day! How many of you are mascara junkies like me? I have a whole drawer full of mascara and I have this obsession with trying to find the perfect one. I recently fell in love with Maybelline's Falsies Flared Mascara. I loved it so much that I re-purchased! When I got home though I realized that I picked up the waterproof kind instead of the regular mascara. Normally this isn't a big deal, except that I feel that compared to the awesome regular version...the waterproof doesn't quite do the job for me. 
Waterproof Version
As you can see, the waterproof tube is marked with the blue color instead of the silver on the original packaging. The waterproof formula seems really sticky and gooey. It makes my lashes an icky mess. It has a lot of clumping and makes my lashes stick together. EW! It's also very painful trying to remove it. I know it's waterproof, but even after sleeping over night, scrubbing with a wash rag, AND using make-up remover, it's still extremely hard to remove. After two days of wearing in a row, I felt like I had no lashes left from scrubbing. It was awful.

Regular Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Now as for the regular version, I LOVE IT. It's my favorite and most often used mascara. It doesn't clump and there is not fall out. It dries quickly and gives my lashes nice length and volume. It separates them well too. Many people ask if I am wearing false lashes and I always say nope! Just Falsies Mascara! :) Here is a pic from my new years look where I am wearing the Falsies Mascara and nothing else! 

Daily Nuggets(:

~Re-discovered Jesse McCartney today. Forgot how cute he was. (;
~Sophie, my Yorkie is snuggled up in her doggie bed right now. I love her.
~Dreading the 4 hour work load of AP World History on my day off tomorrow. :/
~Really craving a Strawberry Smoothie from Olive Garden about now.
~I hate the snow and cold so much. Bring on summer. NOW!


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